MY Kind of BOY

Now, here's what you're supposed to do, and please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, and type in yours.

If you're a guy - post this as "my kind of girl"
If you're a girl - post this as "my kind of boy"

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking? good looking: sweet

2. Smart? nice

3. Preferred age? Same age or older. wait, younger no problem at all :p

4. Preferred height? Must taller than me.

5. How about sense of humor? balancing my serious

6. How about piercing? no please

7. Accepts you for who you are? Accepting no matter what i am

8. Pink hair? no way

9. Mushy or no? Nope.

10. Thin or fat? i dont care about it

11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)? hey, how about broken white :p

12. Long hair or short hair? short

13. Plastic or metal? metal

14. Smells good? no alcohol parfume.

15. Smoker? Big no

16. Drinker? Hell NO!

17. Girl/Boy-next-door type? no

18. Muscular? Yep

19. Plays piano? great

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar? awesome

21. Plays violin? no

22. Sings very good? nooo :p

23. Vain? dont be vain

24. With glasses? I REALLY like a glasses boy!

25. With braces? Big no

26. Shy type? Better not.

27. Rebel or good boy/girl? everyone has a bright side

28. Active or passive? Active.

29. Tight or bomb? bombastic :p

30. Singer or dancer? none of them

31. Stunner? W-a-w.

32. Hiphop? no

33. Earrings? no no no

34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-girlfriends-until-you-drop? i will slap him if he do that

35. Dimples? yes like me

36. Bookworm? of course, i love books

37. Mr/Ms. love letter? no, please

38. Playful? Yes!

39. Flirt? just with me and his mom

40. Poem writer? i dont like a very romantic boy

41. Serious? adaptable boy

42. Campus crush? I REALLY HOPE, maybe in second semester :p

43. Painter? He draws me in his heart hahaha

44. Religious? not very fanatic

45. Someone who likes to tease people? no

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak? games geek will remember me about someone.....

47. Speaks 20 languages? sounds great, huh?

48. Loyal or faithful? both of them.

49. Good kisser? maybe yes

50. Loves children? Loves ALL children in this world :D

taken from: dini

2 komentar

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  2. agung: aaaaamiiiiin :) semoga ada lelaki yang mendekati gambaran seperti itu ya gung.


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