About The Author

Location: A small shop gallery in New York street, US.


Hi! I am Nita Wakan and currently living in Japan for a year as an exchange student at Tohoku University. I am in my final year studying accounting at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. I try to promote basic financial knowledge to children and young people together with my super team: Youth Finance Indonesia and Child Youth Finance International.

Beside my activities, I like to observe people, listen other people stories and try to make meaningful stories of my own. I believe that every people whom I meet has something. They all teach me by their own way. By writing stories, I want to keep them as memories. That's why I named this blog as "Mettle in stories".

Mettle means a person's ability to cope well with difficulties; spirit and resilience. As I hope that you can feel mettle from the stories in this blog.

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Email: nita.wakan@gmail.com