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Here is my article on Deinblick Magazine, January 2011:


Author Nur'aini Yuwanita Wakan (Nita Wakan) // Indonesia

PhotoM61 Jakarta High School, Indonesia

I am 17 years old right now and I always had good experience especially with all of my friends shown on this photo. We had been Nityameti Subha Pratijna school representatives and wearing a special uniform. the vest had our name and position printed on it.

I was a vice leader of them. Together we organized many events. Therefore we knew each other very well. We knew who had a big ego, was moody, a problem solver, or a pretty punctual person. No matter we often had different ideas and opinion, we shared one vision and mission: To give all our best to make our event successful. So there was not only smile but also tears. They personally made me to be a mature person, to have a best skill in leadership. Thanks from the deep of my heart, for teaching me to be strong like a rock. All you guys taught me to hear what I couldn't hear before.

Time went by too fast and there was a change of positions. It's been so sad because we knew we would never make an event together again. We wear off our vests and threw them up into the sky to show we are ready to move on and live in the different way. We strongly believe that we became a New Generation with this entire lesson that we learned from this school representatives' experience.

Your rock, Nityameti Subha Pratijna.

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