Integrity in My Profession as an Accountant

When the news about crime of corruption has spread widely, it can’t be separated from people who has political will about finance. It’ll also make a new public opinion. Especially for the job like accountant. The joke came up when someone who want to take the economic field. They family or friends will said don’t be a corruptor. It’s so sad because public paradigm moved to make economic and corruption looks equal.

One of the dangerous part is frightened about dirty situation in economic exceed the eagerness to solve that situation. It caused the economic position will be occupied with someone who just want a private profit making.

This situation may be found in accounting area. Moreover, accountant has a capability to make a decision about financial plan. Accountant can read the risk and the chance. It’s a gate lead up dark or bright future.

The one can avoid the worst is integrity. Integrity is a self-respect. Honesty to ourselves and others. The quality of integrity is not a trait that we are born with, but it is learned as we go through life. Integrity begins when we were very young, usually taught by parents, grandparents, neighbors, teachers, and friends. Integrity involves respect for self, respect for others, and responsibility for all your action.

Integrity is expensive and accountant with integrity is more and more precious.

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